Steel confidence.

The Group

Steelgroup represents the union of 4 companies, MAB, CB, FAR, ITA, specialized in the production of WIRES - STRAND - STEEL BARS and its derivatives, companies that share a common vision of quality for the best customer satisfaction.


The work culture is deeply rooted, the constant drive for innovation and the innate ability to adapt to change have characterized and continued to distinguish the Italian industry, during the past years we have as well proved to be extremely receptive and open to the market changes and to new production processes.

The mastery of technical skills and attitude to the exchange of experiences with those who are upstream and downstream of the production chain, with the common goal of quality, have been able to enhance the names of these four major Italian companies: MAB, CB, FAR, ITA .

Steelgroup has been able and is still able nowadays to combine all these factors, working in sinergy within each company in the group.